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Property and Income Taxes


Residents living in Ben Avon typically pay both real estate (if you own a home or property) and earned income taxes (what you pay if you are employed).


Real estate taxes cover local (Ben Avon), school (Avonworth) and Allegheny County.  Each taxing body sets a millage rate each year and you are then sent three tax bills (or your mortgage company is sent the tax bills).  The local (Ben Avon) and school (Avonworth) taxes are collected by an elected real estate tax collector.  The Allegheny County taxes are collected by the County Treasurer's Office (412) 350-4100.  Jordan Tax Service is the delinquent real estate tax collector.


Local earned income tax, which is charged by the majority of local communities in Pennsylvania, is currently 1% and is collected by Keystone Collections Group. Since 2012, all employers have been required to withhold the EIT. You can learn more about the new rules at the KCG website:


Water and Sewage (Alcosan)


Each household pays for a number of utilities, including electric, gas, telephone, etc.  Two additional utilities are for water (West View Water Authority) and sewage (Alcosan, which stands for Allegheny County Sanitary Authority).  The water and sewage bills are charged to the home owner directly.  The sewage usage based on the amount of water used (therefore, if you use a lot of water in one billing period, your sewage bill will be higher than if you used less water).


When private property owners fail to pay their Alcosan bills, the Borough is obligated to pay Alcosan and then collect the delinquent charges from the property owners.  These delinquencies are paid with taxpayer monies.  This is a large drain on Borough finances and interferes with other good purpose to which we could put these dollars.


The Borough has contracted with Jordan Tax Service to collect delinquent sewage charges.  The delinquent sewage invoice is based on information supplied by Alcosan.


Contact Information

Real Estate Tax Collector

Jordan Tax Service
102 Rahway Road
McMurray, PA  15317-3349


Earned Income Tax Collector

Keystone Collections Group

Telephone: 866-539-1100

Taxpayer dedicated help line: 888-328-0565

On the web:  and choose the "Contacts" page


Delinquent Borough Real Estate Taxes and Delinquent Sewage Accounts

Jordan Tax Services

Telephone: 724-731-2300