Going on Vacation

During vacation season, we’d like to remind everyone of a few tips for keeping the neighborhood safe.

  • If you are able, notify a neighbor to keep an eye on your house when you go on vacation.
  • Leaving a light on a timer or keeping outdoor lighting running is helpful.
  • Always secure windows, doors and vehicles.
  • At any point, if you have an incident to report, see suspicious activity, or simply have a question or concern, PLEASE call the Ohio Township Police ((412) 259-8304 – non emergency or 911 for emergencies) so incidents can be properly investigated in a timely manner and questions answered.
  • Social media is not the best way to ensure public safety. You are encouraged to remember if you “See something, Say something”. Just call 911 any time or call (412) 259-8304 during business hours.
  • Let the OT Police know you are going out of town and they will do random checks of your residence during that time. OT patrols Ben Avon 24/7 on a very thorough schedule. Making them your first call will help us all.

Enjoy your summer, travel safely and welcome each other back home to Ben Avon.